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How to Control Precum Leakage with Herbal Remedies?

Nowadays I am experiencing excessive precum leakage problem due to this I am not getting hard erection. After leakage I lose strength of my male organ which is not comfortable for me and my wife. I want permanent solution for this. Please suggest effective herbal remedies to control precum leakage naturally? And also tell me the causes of this problem so that I will take care of them to reduce the chances of its future occurrence.

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1 Answer

Many males experience this condition in their lives but most of them are unaware about precum leakage problem. If you also want to know what precum leakage exactly is. Here you find the best answer of this question. Precum is a sticky and clear liquid discharged by males when they are excited or sexually aroused. This is also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid discharge which comes out from the tip of male organ. Some males face excessive precum discharge due to certain reasons. Some major causes are weak parasympathetic nerves and pc muscles, over hand practice, physical and mental stress, any type of disorders in prostate gland, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, etc. If you are facing this problem then do not feel despaired and depressed you can control precum leakage naturally with the use of herbal remedies. Herbal supplements like NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are effective which contain varieties of herb like Kesar, Ashwagandha, Kavach Beej, Dridranga, Terminalia Chebula, Swarna Bhang, etc. All these herbs are present in pure form in these capsules.

NF Cure capsules are one of best remedies for excessive pre-ejaculation discharge. These capsules control precum leakage to a great extent. Herbs which are present in these capsules are very beneficial to treat this problem in effective manner. These pills are the most popular and widely used in the market because many males have been experienced positive effects of these capsules on their health. These capsules nourish reproductive system completely and provide strength to males for prolonged lovemaking performances. These herbal capsules keep nerves and organs active and protect them from damage.

Vital M-40 capsules should be used with NF Cure capsules to increase recovery capacity of your body. Both these supplements work efficiently to control precum leakage in males. Vital M-40 capsules increase vigor and vitality in males and provide strength and stamina to the body to get rid of pre-ejaculatory discharge problem soon. These capsules enhance the functioning of nerves and remove harmful toxins from the body. Regular use of these supplements helps males to control precum leakage to a great extent.

We suggest you to take 1 or 2 NF Cure capsules with 1 Vital M-40 capsule with milk or water daily for 3 to 4 months. This time interval is the minimum time limit to observe the results. Effects of this precum treatment depend upon your body’s adapting ability.

To know more details about herbal remedies to stop precum leakage, please refer:


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